Vlad the Impaler






Vlad III Prince of Wallachia c.1431-1476, was to become known as Vlad the Impaler because of his cruel treatment of his enemies. Although his methods, not unusual at that time, were supported by much of Xtian Europe. The method of execution he was famous for was the mass impaling of armies or towns, by insertion of a stake up the rectum and out of the mouth, as used in later years by Colonialists on tigers to save damage to the fur. These displays were used as shock tactics and psychological warfare.


In later years he was to use his Romany surname,  Dracula (son of the dragon), which due to enormous amounts of propaganda written in western Europe about him, has made him into a cult hero, and during his lifetime his fight against Islam saw him hailed as a hero amongst Xtians.






His Life Story

Brought up in Transylvania as his family were exiled from his native Wallachia, he and his brother were given as hostages by their father to the Turks. Their severe treatment did not make Vlad Turk friendly. His brother was blinded with hot irons and buried alive!


He became prince in 1448 on his release, but in 1453 the Ottoman army, having taken Constantinople, started to spread north into Europe.


Vlad came to power in 1456, and used cruel tactics to unify political thought in his country, as there was much support for the Islamists.


By 1462 the Ottoman army of some 100,000 troops was knocking on the door of Wallachia, and Vlad, suffering reversals, was once again imprisoned, this time for 12 years. Whilst a prisoner he converted to Catholicism while his brother converted to Islam, putting them on opposite sides in later conflicts.


By 1476 he was free again and back in battle until he died in battle at the gates of Bucharest months later, when his head was sent to the now renamed Istanbul for display. Thus ending the story of the man who prevented Europe becoming Muslim.