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Amman, now the capital city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has a long history, being one of the most continuously occupied sites in the world.


There are still parts of the iron age wall surrounding the capital city of the Ammonites, Rabbath-Ammon, which stood on and around the citadel in Biblical times, and Stone and Bronze Age items have been excavated.


Later, in the 3rd century BCE, when it was occupied by the Greek ruler of Egypt, following Alexanders conquests, it's name was changed to Philadelphia, after Pharoah Ptolemy Philadelphos. The Romans who came later have left their mark with a 5,000 seat theatre which is still in use, a small covered theatre, and the Temple of Herakles.


When the Moslems invaded, they too set up a city around the citadel, and buildings on the hill include the Governor's Palace and administration buildings along with a small settlement. These 8th century Umayyad buildings are what are mostly remaining.




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