Canal Gardens and Tropical World

Roundhay Park



To the west of the main area of Roundhay Park, on Prince's Avenue in Leeds, are the Canal Gardens and Tropical World.


The gardens, built in 1833, are thus named because they are designed to look like a 350 foot stretch of canal passing beneath bridges


This leads into a walled rose garden, containing a major collection, built in 1816 and originally the vegetable garden for the Roundhay Mansion House.


Beyond the walled garden lies the collection of buildings, heated to maintain a high temperature, and known as Tropical World.


The main building known as Coronation House is actually a 1939 replacement for the 1911 building that commemorated the coronation of King George V. Contained within is the largest collection of tropical plants in Britain, except for the Kew Gardens greenhouse.


The large butterfly house, contains hundreds? of free flying butterflies of all shapes and sizes, plus displays of larvae and cocoon stages. There are also birds and reptiles loose in the greenhouse, so watch out for large iguanas? on the girders above!


There are also pools with fish, turtles and crocs of some sort, maybe cayman? plus a nocturnal section with reptiles, small mammals and bats.


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Peter Pan Statue

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