Petra the Rose-Red City




Known as the ‘rose-red city half as old as time’, the ancient city of Petra (rock), now in Southern Jordan, was built by the previously nomadic Nabatean Arabs from 800 BC to 100 AD, as a fortress which was virtually inaccessible. The only entrance being through a narrow Siq or gorge. Petra covers an area of about 100 square km, and has over 800 monuments.


Built in a canyon, many of its buildings carved out of the rock faces, this vast archaeological site is one of the wonders of the world. In the first and second century CE, after the Romans took over the trade route, the city reached the peak of its fame.


When caravan routes were slowly displaced by shipping, the city's importance gradually dwindled and it fell into disuse and was lost to the world until 1812, when it was re-discovered. Unfortunately, it has suffered damage from several earthquakes, but excavation and restoration is ongoing.




The Amazing Coloured Bedrock

of Petra



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