Mainland Greece



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Athens    Brauron    Corinth

Delphi    Eleusis    Epidauros

Marathon    Mycenae    Rhamnus

Sounion    Tiryn    Vranas




The mainland of ancient Greece was made up of four major areas: Attica centered around Athens; the Peloponnese joined to Attica by the isthmus of Corinth; Boeotia the central land mass centered around Delphi; and Euboea a large island separated from the mainland by a narrow channel, bridged since 410 BCE.


The water of the swift flowing tidal channel unusually changes direction every six hours, causing so much bewilderment to an ancient Greek mathematician, who's name evades me, that he is said to have committed suicide in its waters.


Under Philip and Alexander the areas of Macedonia and Thrace, to the north, were to be added to these areas of the Greek mainland when it was united under them.