The Kaaba Stone


Ihe Al-Hajarul Aswad



The Kaaba, the "House of Allah," the holiest place of Islam, was possibly originally a Baetyl (meteorite), having been “brought to Earth by angels,” and used by Arab Pagans for centuries as a shrine until taken over by Muslims in the 6th century CE. The present Kaaba is however a replacement for the original which fell apart centuries ago.


In an attempt to stamp out the Old Religion, all deity worship was banned by Islam, and worshippers put to death. Like the Christians before, and after, them the Muslims tried to eliminate Pagan Religions by destroying temples and artefacts, and rewriting the history books.


Right up to the present time, “men of the church” believe that Pagan peoples are sat about with no aim or direction, waiting for the arrival of Christianity to give them a purpose.