Turkish History




The Ottoman Empires decline took several hundred years, and many foes. In the 1700ís the Turks lost the Crimea to Russia. In the 1800ís Great Britain, France, Russia and the Greeks fought the Turks. The spoils were divided, Great Britain taking Cyprus and Egypt, France taking Tunisia and Algeria, Greece got its independence, and Russia took areas around the Black Sea and the Balkans, (which were all taken from it in 1878 by a European Congress.)


The Fated Charge of the Light Brigade


In the 1900ís Bulgaria received its independence, Austria captured Bosnia, Italy took Libya, and Greece took Macedonia, Crete and most of the Aegean islands.


Following the First World War, Greece invaded the Turkish mainland, but were driven out in 1922.


In 1923 Turkeys borders were at last agreed by Europe, and the Turkish Republic came into being. Under Ataturk (father of all Turks) It abolished many Islamic traditions: the Arabic alphabet, Muslim schools, the wearing of the veil and fez, polygamy, and gave women the vote.