Turkish History




Salah al Din





From 1095 Crusades were launched by Christian Europe to drive the Turks from the Holy Land. The Turks losing part of Anatolia back to the Byzantine Empire. Their chief antagonist was Salah al Din. The Seljuk Turkish Empire was invaded in 1243 by the Mongols, but they their rule was short lived, and they were over run by the spread of the Ottoman Turks Empire which advanced through Asia Minor and the Balkans into Greece in the 1300ís.


The city of Constantinople held out until 1453, when it was captured by Muhammad II and renamed Istanbul. By 1566, the Ottoman Empire, under Suleiman the Magnificent encompassed all the lands from Hungary in the north, Syria and Persia in the east, to Yemen, Egypt and Morocco in the south. During this period they were also the leading naval power in the Mediterranean.