Turkish History




General Pompey the Triumvir





The subsequent expansion of the Persian Empire, from about 550 BCE, engulfed much of the Middle East and Thrace, until Alexander the Greatís Macedonian army defeated them in 331 BCE. When Alexander died in 323 BCE, the area became unstable and ravaged by wars, until it once again came under Persian rule.


Mithradates VI (Eupator Dionysius) was the ruler of land as far north as the Black Sea, from 120 BCE. A man of renowned memory, being able to speak the 22 languages of the nations he ruled, he was a formidable enemy of Rome. He was accused by Rome of massacring 80,000 Romans living in the territories he held in 88 BCE. Rome sent its greatest generals against him, but he resisted for over twenty years until he was finally defeated in 65 BCE, by Roman legions, under General Pompey the Triumvir, which led to a lasting peace under Roman rule for nearly 400 years.