Land of the Pharaohs



In the 13th century, a large head was recorded projecting from the desert sands to the West of Cairo. Abuíl hol, "The Father of Terrors" as it was known, remained there for another 600 years before it was fully excavated.


Much to the surprise of those digging, the human head was attached to a lions body, and between it outstretched paws a small temple was situated. This was inscribed with the name and image of Tuthmosis IV, and explained how in the 15th century BCE, nearly 3000 years earlier, he had fallen asleep under the shadow of the monument, and in his dream it had spoken to him, telling him to clear away the advancing sands and he would be made king. The trusting Tuthmosis duly removed the invasive sand and became Pharaoh.


This was the first ever archaeological dig, where records were kept. The monument, when finally revealed in the 19th century, became known as the Great Sphinx.






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