Didyma was only a small city, but it was located at the site of an important ancient laurel grove, containing a sacred spring, and it was here that the Greeks started building what was to become the largest and wealthiest temple in all Anatolia, renowned for its sacred relics.


The Temple, dedicated to Apollo, was famous all over the Greek world, and the reputation of its oracles surpassed even those of Delphi. It was located on the Aegean coast, at the end of a sacred way leading from Miletus, where visitors would arrive by sea. The processional route, along which those seeking guidance and predictions of their future walked, was lined with statues of animals, sphinxes and Gods.


The earliest temple, built during the Archaic period 8th and 7th  century BCE, lies within the later Hellenistic building, and a subsequent Ionic structure, which covers a vast area.




The Temple of Apollo


The Sacred Way