Corinthian Canal



The Deep Cutting


The Submersible Bridge Lowered

A Tug Pulling a Cargo Vessel Through the Canal


And out into the Gulf of Corinth


The Submersible Bridge Raised



The idea of cutting a canal across the Corinthian Isthmus was the brain wave of Periander in the 7th century BCE, but it proved technically too difficult. Instead he constructed a roadway, along which boats could be hauled on trolleys.


The idea resurfaced again in the 4th century BCE, when Demetrius I took up the challenge but once again the task overwhelmed them due to miscalculations.


The third visionary to face the challenge was the resourceful Julius Caesar, but this came to an abrupt end when he was assassinated.


The Emperor Nero came closer, actually starting digging with the help of several thousand Jewish prisoners of war, but like Julius before him, his premature death brought it to a halt.


At the latter end of the 19th century CE two more attempts were started, but failed due to finance, and the job was finally left to the Greeks who completed the job in 1893.


The very deep cut has road bridges crossing it, plus two submersible bridges at either end for local traffic. It is interesting to watch locals rush out to collect fish from the bridge when it is raised!




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