"The Land of the Castles"














As a product of the historic city state system in Spain, Catalonia has always strove for independence, and in 1985 along with other areas of Spain has achieved a certain amount of autonomy.


Its history is a parallel with that of Spain, but Catalonia provided a "neutral" zone during the stand off between Muslim and Frankish forces holding land to either side of it. But its leadership in the capital Barcelona was not happy about giving allegiance to the French king, and therefore opted to support Aragon.


During the localised fighting in the establishing of a united Spain Catalonia was buffered about in several of the wars, but managed to keep its individuality, including its own language and also Occitan, due to its associations with Langue d'Oc (language of Occitan) languages which had been banned since the Franco dictatorship both as an oral tradition and also for the use in printed matter, until 1979.






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