Royal Armouries




The Royal Armouries in Leeds, a National Museum, was opened in 1996 to accommodate the many items which could not be displayed with the original collection held in the White Tower at the Tower of London.


The "new" museum, sited on Clarence Dock near the city centre, was built as part of the Leeds waterfront rejuvenation scheme stretching along the banks of the Aire and Calder Navigation.


Admission to the main museum is free, and there are many items on display, plus daily demonstrations. Although I am unsure about this, I believe the period covered by the exhibits is between 1000 CE and 19th century?


Static exhibits cover all kinds of armour, for warfare, tournaments and ceremonial, and all types of weaponry, for warfare, and hunting etc. There are also many specialized displays that are changed on a regular basis.


Indoor demonstration too are changed, so you never know what may be on, but they include various methods of fighting and duelling etc and the handling and use of different kinds of weapons.


Outdoors is a Tiltyard, which can have an entrance fee, where displays of horsemanship, demonstrating hunting and jousting, and the flying of several birds of prey are demonstrated and explained.


The horses and birds, and a ferret! can be seen up close in the stable block, where you can question the participants about their roles.


Over Easter an International Jousting Tournament is held with the home team pitting themselves against other teams for the "Sword of Honour."



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